We are new online lifestyle store and blog. If you prowl the urban jungle of crowded streets, alleyways, glass canyons, broken pavement, gutters and kerbs. If you breathe with the rhythm of the urban jungle. If you are searching for the best tools to dynamically move through this environment. If you like to stand out from the crowd. Then this is the place for you! 


Is to deliver the best tools for you to maximize your dynamic potential (get your ass around town, in other words) and, above all HAVE FUN! Our main focus is bicycles and their associated accessories, but we are always looking to expand our range. If it rolls under human power through the urban jungle, we want to help provide it to our URBN TRIBE brothers and sisters.




80's kid with a love for adventure and freedom since day one! Bikes or Boards, Asphalt, Water or Snow, Winter or Summer. It's a passion in motion not standing still! The thrill of going fast as you can just using your own power. Every day, all year long, no excuses. Always ready to find you best match and recommend the best bike for your money to get that smile on your face since 2009.



I’m the old man of the company. Started with Bmx in 1979 in far off Australia, and in 1988 dropped out of university and got a job as a bike messenger - until I thought of “something better to do”. I never really have… most of my working life has been spent on or around bicycles. Ridden more kilometers than anyone could ever count, built more wheels and bikes than anyone could count. I was the pioneer of the fixed gear scene in Melbourne, riding them since 1998. Now in my 50’s, living in Riga I still hold my own in traffic on a brakeless fixed gear and don’t think I’ll be ready to get off this crazy ride that’s been my life anytime soon!



 As if yesterday I remember that magical moment decades ago when I was put on bike and with little push of friends, for the first time I felt this truly mesmerising feeling of perfect flow and freedom. It was magical connection from first touch. I can still catch the feeling every morning getting on my bike and jumping in the traffic stream of urban jungle. Now it is time for me to give this little push to others.


Kārlis aka Carl aka Mr. Hellraiser

Middle of 2000’s. You’re stuck in a final lessons of the day in high school. Recently you have discovered fixed gear bikes. You’re just sitting there, trying to focus on trigonometry or whatever. And then you receive a message telling you that you buddy is downstairs next to your locked bike. That’s it. Fuck it. Fuck trigonometry, fuck school and system in general. You skip the rest of the day and life for the sweetest ride of your life - riding bikes, fixing bikes, selling bikes and most of all - having fun. 

P.S. Stay in school kids.





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