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The Izumi V-Super Toughness Track Chain has earned a solid reputation as the World's strongest, most durable track chain.

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Product description

The Izumi V-Super Toughness Track Chain has earned a solid reputation as the World's strongest, most durable track chain. One of the few chains that meets the strict certification requirements of the Japanese Keirin Association (NJS), the Izumi-V is renowned among keirin racers for its strength and efficient power transfer.

In addition, you would find most bikes being used in Track World Cups or any top level competition, particularly in sprint events would more than likely be fitted with the Super Toughness. It has been ridden to countless victories and has set countless records on the World stage.

As the Super Toughness has been specifically designed to withstand the freakish explosive power and torque outputs of the World's best sprinters, it has also become a favoured choice of discerning street riders and messengers who ride brakeless in challenging terrain and traffic conditions. They know they can rely on its ultimate strength to not let them down. 

The strength, and extra expense, comes from the materials and process used. Only the finest Japanese steel, with the connecting pins being made from a special, high carbon steel alloy that is often used for low friction, precision bearings. This offers a 300% increase in durability compared to a standard chain. It also uses a special screw and nut joining link, which is much stronger than normal clip types. 

For street riders and messengers, this means that these chains last seemingly forever. The one on my personal, daily ride has been on there for nearly 2 years- and still measures as brand new! When I was a full time messenger I easily got a year of use from them. Combine this with the peace of mind you get from the ultimate strength and the higher initial expense starts to look more like a wise investment if you ride a lot and hard!


Material: CroMo Steel
Color: Gold / Black
Use: Singlespeed, Track
Approval: NJS
Size: 1/2" x 1/8"
Links: 106
Weight: 380g

Made in Japan

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